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What are the Health Benefits of Fish Oil and Fish

 What are the Health Benefits of Fish Oil and Fish? Health benefits of fish oil in fish make it one of the best edible on the planet. Fish is a low-fat, high protein. It is packed with numerous benefits that are hard to count on bare fingers. Someone said, Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and you feed him for his lifetime. And this phrase is enough to explain the importance of fish due to its richness in nutrients and the ability to fulfill human food needs. Now, you must be wondering what are the benefits of fish oil present in fish, so we won't make you wait for more. In this blog, we are going to talk about many of all benefits of fish and fish oil for health. Let's get in. What are Nutrients present in fish? Fish is enriched in nutrients like Omega-3 Fatty Acid or fish oil, Vitamin D and B2(Riboflavin). It is lean meat and is the best source of protein for your body. The fish is also rich in minerals like calcium, iron, zinc,

What are the Benefits of Honey

What are the Benefits of Honey?  All About Benefits of Honey! Introduction The benefits of honey are as old as the honey itself! It is said that Gods were presented honey by Egyptian people more than 8000 years ago. The ritual was followed by Romans, Chinese and Greeks. The honey was used by them to cure high fevers and to heal the wounds. It was also used against stomach diseases. Today the supporters of honey call it an immortal substance with powers to cure many diseases like cancer, heart diseases, beneficial for curing ulcers, digestion problem easing, fevers, cough, and healing wounds. But, this article is aimed at finding the health benefits of honey, based on proven researches conducted by different researchers and health experts.   We will start by looking at the honey nutrients and what honey is. What is Honey? Honey is a sweet substance with thick viscous formation. This sugary substance is produced by honey bees using the floral secretions. The

Benefits of Citrus Fruits

  Benefits of Citrus Fruits:  Why are Citrus Fruits Healthy For You Benefits packed citrus fruits complete the cold, dull winters. The sweet, bright, colorful, and fragrant citrus fruits are the best choice to bring warmth and shine to the cold winters. The family of citrus fruits, and especially oranges are a traditional favorite of everyone. But the other family members, like lemon, is a four seasons' king. In summers, having lemonade after a long, tiring, and hot traffic jam calms your mind, and relieves your anxiety. In winters, oranges are a complement to the daily diet. In this blog, we are going to discuss the benefits of citrus fruits, and why citrus fruits are a healthy option for your daily diet. But, before that, let us introduce to you our most favorite and charming citrus fruits. Origin and Nutritional Value Citrus is basically a class of flowering plants and trees. It belongs to the Rutaceae or Rue family of plants. Primary plants of this f


AYURVEDIC HERBS: A NATURAL MEDICINE   A yurveda is not just only about curing diseases. It is the practice of leading a healthy life in physical, mental and divine level. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the radiance of nature we experience all have prospective medicinal values.          Herbs are considered as the heart and soul of Ayurvedic tradition. Quite a while in the past, Ayurveda understood the importance of botanicals grown on earth. Every flower, root, stem and leaf has medicinal qualities under specific conditions . Ayurvedic herbs Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Herbs   According to Ayurvedic herbology, the herbs are beneficial for the mind, body and spirit. They can be used externally or internally. Some of the health benefits of using ayurvedic herbs are: 1.     Boost mental health. 2.     Detoxify the body and purify blood. 3.     Smooth functioning of the liver. 4.     Helps to fight cancer. 5.     Help retain radiant skin and lustrous

Benefit and side-effect of Coconut water

Coconut water: The miracle drink   Everyone once in their lifetime would have enjoyed coconut water. But do you really know the benefits and side effects this natural drink has? And the answer is a No! I wish I can shed some light on this matter.       The coconut  tree is mainly grown in tropics and the water is a clear liquid tapped inside immature coconuts the water is tasty as it is slightly sweet with many medical qualities. It can be easily differentiated from other drinks by its appearance, sugar profile, lower acidity, and higher pH. Coconut water is super hydrating and free of fat.        It's a natural energy drink that is sweet and refreshing and at the same time contains less sugar than any other artificial drink. The water contains carbohydrates present in the form of sugar and electrolytes, digestive fibers, and a rich source of potassium, sodium, and magnesium. The water contains minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates you need in a day.