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Naturopathy to remove Dandruff

Naturopathy to remove Dandruff   Dandruff is a major problem occurring mainly in the scalp due to shedding of dead scalp skin? Dandruff not only happens in the head but sometimes happens in eyebrows also. Dead skin always peels off in a small amount and it is quite normal. But care has to be given if you find a lot of flakes in your shirt or top as you scratch the hair or if you feel itchier. Dandruff also causes pimple to pop out in your forehead. If you have all of these then surely you need to be careful as it can lead to loss of hair. Causes of Dandruff Now if you think of the major causes of dandruff. It happens if your skin is very dry, when you have a lot of stress, bad choice of your hair care products, excess oil in your hair, consumption of certain foods that you are allergenic to, lack of proper nutrients in your body.       But guys don’t worry; we do have techniques to deal with it. There are different Naturopathic techniques (home remedies) that are proved to do

Best Food Sources of Zinc

10 Best Food Sources of Zinc   Zinc is one of the essential minerals that our body receives from some food items. In some over the counter drugs, zinc is sold as cold remedies.   Zinc performs various functions in our body like it is involved in various aspects of cellular metabolism, it acts as a catalyst for more than 100 enzymes, plays a role in healing of the wound, immune function, DNA synthesis, protein synthesis and cell division.   Additional benefits of zinc in the human body is for growth and proper development during childhood, pregnancy and infancy.   Best Food Sources of Zinc 1.    Z inc Rich Dairy Products Apart from being a rich source of protein, calcium and vitamin D; dairy products can also be a delicious and nutritious source of zinc. According to researchers, a cup of low-fat or non-fat cup of milk contains 9% of the daily value of zinc and 1 cup of yoghurt contains around 20 – 22 per cent of the daily value of zinc.   Cheese as a dairy product is also

Yoga for stress relief

                             Yoga for stress relief   I am stressed out, I am done, I can't deal with this anymore...we all have said this many a time and also heard people talking about this. In this fast-moving world where people are so much focused on their goal and run after materialistic things, we forget to take care of our self, our body, and mind, and what happens is, in the long run, we suffer from health issues, anxiety and depression. But it's okay. Do you have 10 minutes to spend every day? Then that's enough to get you out of all these issues.     The following are some yoga poses that help you to decrease your stress, you can do them all or just take 1 or 2 and perform this daily. Remember consistency is the key. Yoga poses for stress relief   Forward bend This pose offers you tremendous benefits such as relieving mild depression, fatigue, and stress. It also assists you to open up the muscles of your thighs and h