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Yoga for stress relief

                             Yoga for stress relief


I am stressed out, I am done, I can't deal with this anymore...we all have said this many a time and also heard people talking about this. In this fast-moving world where people are so much focused on their goal and run after materialistic things, we forget to take care of our self, our body, and mind, and what happens is, in the long run, we suffer from health issues, anxiety and depression. But it's okay. Do you have 10 minutes to spend every day? Then that's enough to get you out of all these issues.

    The following are some yoga poses that help you to decrease your stress, you can do them all or just take 1 or 2 and perform this daily. Remember consistency is the key.

Yoga poses for stress relief

 Forward bend

This pose offers you tremendous benefits such as relieving mild depression, fatigue, and stress. It also assists you to open up the muscles of your thighs and hamstrings.


1.     Stand straight on the mat or sit.

2.     Begin with profound breathing, slow your breath and take a few long breathes in and breathes out.

3.      If you are seated, plunk down on the floor with your legs broadened and a slight curve in your knees.

4.     Gradually as you keep on breathing profoundly, begin to walk your hands out before you, don't stress over getting to your feet.

5.     As you bring down your chest toward your thighs, loosen up your head and neck.

6.     You will at that point begin to drop your head beneath your heart which will enable your heart to rate to ease back and your brain to quiet.

7.     You can likewise advance overlap from standing either permitting your arms to dangle or getting inverse elbows for a position known as rag doll.

8.     Attempt it while taking 10 full breaths.

Eagle Pose

This pose is not only good for relieving stress but it also helps to open and stretch the hips and shoulders which are some points in the body that tends to carry a lot of stress.


1.     Begin with standing in Tadasana, shoulders down and back, and feet hip-width apart.

2.      Slowly raise your right leg and cross it over your left like sitting cross-legged in a chair.  

3.     Then take your left arm and turn it over your right at the elbow creases.

4.     Start to bend your elbows bringing the back of the hands together.  You can always deepen this pose by wrapping the arms and legs more, but find where you can maintain your balance and breath.

5.     Do it both sides and take at least 5 breaths on each side.

Cat Pose/Cat flow

This is a sequence of steps where your body glide between 2 poses, Cat Pose and Cow Pose. These poses together offer relief for the muscles in the bottom and the spine. It also assists you to make your breathing steady as you move which helps in calming the mind and soul.


1.     Start by engaging your deep abdominal muscles first by keeping your knees under hips and wrists under shoulders. 

2.      Inhale and start to bring your chest forward and upper chest to the space in front of you while flaring your hips back behind and keeping that belly engaged. This is Cow Pose. 

3.     For Cat Pose, exhale and begin rounding the spine toward the ceiling and allow that movement to happen all the way down the spine.  

4.     Raise your upper, middle and lower spine and start drawing the crown of your head down toward the floor.  

5.     Keep the belly engaged as you continue to flow through Cat and Cow, breathing as you move.

6.     Move through this flow as long as it feels good.


This posture is magnificent for extending the low back and easing strain through the hips. Change it for your body by including any props you wish.


1.     Beginning from a table top position bring your big toes toward each other, they may even touch behind you and extend your knees out to the sides.

2.     Start to gradually push your hips back toward your heels and walk your hands out before you, as you bring down your chest and temple to the floor.

3.     Loosen up your entire body down and, on the off chance that you need some additional help in your shoulders and upper back, bend your elbows.

4.     You can generally include a cushion under your stomach or squares under your belly in the event that you need some additional help as you unwind and relax.

5.     Begin to follow your breath in and out and let go of any pressure or strain. Remain here for 10 full breaths or add props to remain longer.

Legs up on the wall

This is the ideal method to unwind in the wake of a difficult day, permitting your hips and low back to take a break is something your body needs. This is likewise an incredible method to loosen up before you head to sleep and allows you to give any dashing access your psyche scatter.


1.     Discover a space on a wall and set down with your head confronting away from the wall.

2.     At that point, swing your legs up the wall, and on the off chance if you need support under your hips, include a cover or pad.

3.     Make yourself as comfortable, close your eyes and perhaps play some loosening up music.

4.     Permit your entire body and psyche to relinquish any unpleasant contemplations or stresses.

5.     Be completely present at the time as you unwind and remain calm. Remain here as long as you like.

These are a few poses that can help you deal with stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression. You can also focus on your breath, your natural breathing pattern, this can reduce the level of stress and you can do this anytime, anywhere. A proper diet and a sound sleep is also a necessity. I hope this helps you to come out of stress.

Written by:

Shamna S

Health Analyst (Writer)

This is only one knowledge-sharing effort from our side. 

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