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Benefit and side-effect of Coconut water

Coconut water: The miracle drink


Everyone once in their lifetime would have enjoyed coconut water. But do you really know the benefits and side effects this natural drink has? And the answer is a No! I wish I can shed some light on this matter.

      The coconut tree is mainly grown in tropics and the water is a clear liquid tapped inside immature coconuts the water is tasty as it is slightly sweet with many medical qualities. It can be easily differentiated from other drinks by its appearance, sugar profile, lower acidity, and higher pH. Coconut water is super hydrating and free of fat.

       It's a natural energy drink that is sweet and refreshing and at the same time contains less sugar than any other artificial drink. The water contains carbohydrates present in the form of sugar and electrolytes, digestive fibers, and a rich source of potassium, sodium, and magnesium. The water contains minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates you need in a day.

                       Coconut Water: A Miracle Drink


Benefits of Coconut Water


By by soft drinks!

Coconut water contains sodium and a good amount of potassium which makes it very suitable for athletes. The faster digestive carbohydrates present in the water in the form of sugar and the electrolytes provide energy for the players. As a tropical fruit coconut drink also contains many vitamins and minerals making it a healthier option for athletes. The less sugar and low calorie also help to keep athletes fit.


The water in us

You know more than 50 percent of the human body is water. For the proper functioning of every part of our body, we need water. To say, the brain and heart contain nearly 73 percent water, lungs it is 83 percent. The electrolyte present in coconut water can keep the body hydrated for a long time.


Weight loss

 Coconut water contains fewer amounts of calories and sugar. This makes this natural drink the most suitable substitute in the market for sugary drinks. It is also said to speed up the metabolic process.


Blood pressure

The good amount of potassium content present in the coconut water gives the drink the status of a heart-healthy drink. The potassium content in the water is more than the potassium content present in 4 bananas. The potassium present has the ability to reverse the effect of more sodium that causes high blood pressure. This is a better drink for people who have hypertension.


The beautiful you

Coconut water is widely used in Kerala as an ingredient to make homemade face packs. The water has the ability to lighten the scars and the blemishes in the face in the long run. The water is also a good toner and people use it to brighten the face. The water is hydrating and keeps the face lightly moisturized.


Strong immunity

Coconut water is a rich source of various minerals and vitamins. Vitamins and minerals are needed to provide immunity to the body thereby making one resistant to illness and stay healthy.


Hangover??? Try this!

Alcohol consumption is an important cause of dehydration. Monday mornings can be really tough due to the last night party. Coconut water comes here as a rescue since it balances the electrolytes in the body making one get rid of the tiredness and headache.


The faster digestion

The presence of a fair amount of digestible fibers helps to speed up the digestion process and prevents acid reflux. The burning sensation in stomach or acidity to an extent can be cured by drinking coconut water.


It contains cytokinins

Cytokinins is a highly beneficial compound that is found in coconut water. Several studies have revealed that cytokinins can slow down the formation of cancer cells. Moreover, it is loved by many as it can slow down the aging process.


    This is a magic health drink and you can drink it in any time you wish and this can have an implication on your body. Drinking this in the early mornings helps with improving immunity, faster metabolism and weight loss. You can also drink before and after your meal to feel full and avoid bloating of stomach after the meal. As you drink this before going to bed helps to detoxify the body and helps to calm the mind.

    Coconut water is generally safe and drinking the water is good for health but drinking in large quantities may have a certain unpleasant impact on the body.


Side Effects of Coconut Water


Low blood pressure

If you have low blood pressure, you can avoid drinking coconut water or reduce its consumption. The reason is a large amount of potassium present in the water.


Kidney problems

In case you suffer any kidney problems, it is not advisable to consume coconut water due to the presence of potassium and sodium.


Blood sugar

If you have high blood sugar, you can avoid this sugar drink or consume in a much smaller amount as it contains, even though in small quantities, carbohydrates and calories. Pregnant ladies can consult the doctor before accommodating this drink to your daily routine.


Electrolyte imbalance

It is known that the electrolytes in coconut water help with rehydration. But drinking excessive amounts of this water may cause the electrolyte imbalance in the body that has serious health implications. Athletes should take care of this as they are not drinking more of this water after exposure to heat and humidity as it may cause hyperkalemia.


Laxative property

Drinking too much coconut water can negatively impact the digestive system. So the water should be used in limited quantities.


Diuretic properties

Coconut water is a diuretic because of the presence of potassium, that is the kidneys have to work more to flush out the excess water from the body and you may have to go to loo often.


  Despite of these side effects, Coconut water is a miracle drink, and if you really care about your health, or are looking for a better approach to your lifestyle, throw away your craving for soft drinks and try this natural drink. There is no debate that this is a much better substitute for soft drinks. Stop hurting yourself. Remember better life begins with better health.

Written by:

Shamna S

Health Analyst (Writer)

This only one knowledge-sharing effort from our side before application it is advisable to consult with your doctors. 



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